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6th June - new work
Kammer Klang,
Cafe OTO, London


15th January: Virtual Love, as part of This One Night Only, Wonder Inn, Manchester


13th October: WE ARE FOR A WHILE (PART 2)
BBC 3 Exposure Salford, Islington Mill,

25th September: Sunday
840 UK tour, IABF Centre,

17th September: Sunday
Bastard Assignments,
Colourscape Festival,

16th September: Sunday,
840 UK tour, Cafe Kino,

12th September: Sunday, 840 UK tour, Vivid Projects,

7th July: WE ARE FOR A WHILE, Apartment House, Cafe Oto, London.

6th July: WE ARE FOR A WHILE, Apartment House, Vivid Projects, Birmingham.

5th July: WE ARE FOR A WHILE, Apartment House, IABF Centre, Manchester.

15th May: Virtual Love
SPOR Festival with Another Contemporary Music Ensemble, Aarhus, Denmark.

5th March: Sunday (performed by Ruben Zilberstein), 840 Series, St. James Parish Church, London.

20th February: Collaboration with Ex-Easter Island Heads,
Islington Mill, Manchester.

26th January: Mario goes Frippertronics
New Music North West Festival, Media City, Manchester.



3rd December: Mario goes Frippertronics, Sunday,
Everyman Bistro, Liverpool.

4th October: Mario goes Frippertronics
Festival AHEAD, Vilnius, Lithuania.

17th September: Mario goes Frippertronics, Rotherhithe tunnel shaft, London.

22nd June: Friday
Splendor, Amsterdam, Netherlands (FLECK tour)

20th June: Friday
Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark (FLECK tour)

19th June: Friday
B-Huset, Aarhus, Denmark (FLECK tour)

17th June: Friday

Del Rex, Neukolln, Berlin (FLECK tour)

5th June: Study #3

LSO St Lukes, London Symphony Orchestra

29th May: Sunday

102a Bargery rd, London SE6 2LW (at Lawrence's)
Bastard Assignments

17th May: Friday
IABF Centre, Manchester (FLECK tour)

16th May: Friday
Metal, Liverpool (FLECK tour)

15th May: Friday
S1 Artspace, Sheffield (FLECK tour)

14th June: Friday
Vivid Projects, Birmingham(FLECK tour)

13th May: Friday
Apiary Studios, London (FLECK tour)

2nd May: Sunday
St Margeret's Chuch, Manchester (part of Tubers Festival)

24th February: X-RAY GOES ANALOGUE sound installation
ESC Gallery, Graz, Austria, as part of the Impuls Beyond Composition course.



11th October: Music for no time
Performed by Antoine Francoise, Batiment ARCOOP Geneva, Switzerland.

17th July: Video Jam commission, collaboration with Joe Whitmore, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester.

27th April: EIGHT FEET.COM
Performed by ACM ensemble, live visuals by Sarah Hill and dance by Denisas Kolomyckis.   

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